Lonely House: haunted mystery, romance


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Jennifer Alexander was searching for a new life.  She packed her possessions and set out to find a job in a new city.  During a heavy thunderstorm, she is detoured from the highway and led towards an abandoned house on top of a plateau.

This house is not ordinary, packed with antique furniture from decades ago.  The technology is antiquated.  The house appears to be abandoned but there is evidence that someone had once lived there recently.

The thunderstorm drives many people to seek the comfort of the house, a family of three, a manager, a female couple, an old man and a couch potato.  The heavy rains strand them there, some of their cars falling off the cliff in mudslides.  The house is like a time capsule of 70s and 80s furniture and items, except there does not appear to be any outlets or phone jacks.

On the first night, strange sounds scare the new residents, odd and spooky noises.  The following morning, they discover someone missing.  After searching the house, they are clueless as to how and why the person disappeared.  People are frightened that something haunts the house and seeks out to harm them.

Thomas Dreckerd is the only person that does not believe in ghosts; he is determined to learn the answers to the disappearances and the source of the noises.  Jennifer grooms an attraction to Thomas and follows him on his exploration of the house’s many mysteries.

As people continue to disappear, the mystery intensifies.  The other residents begin to blame Jennifer.  The others turn against her after several days of pummeling thunderstorms continue.

Jennifer and the others realize that they are not the only ones in the house.  There are secrets.  But something else lingers.  Will they be able to stop what is happening?  Or will they each be doomed to fate?

This story is set in the Blue Star Series universe but it hangs independent from the epic story.  This story relates to a specific marker mentioned in Restoration of Atlantis.  It is a haunted mystery and romance with science fiction elements.


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Lonely House


Help Wanted


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Help Wanted

Welcome to the Wild West on Mars…

Gatling Gun Charley is a poor cowboy recently robbed by his latest employer.  If that wasn’t bad enough, he is chased through the canyons of Mars by an angry farmer after he accidentally walked over his crops while fighting through a resolith dust storm.

An independent cowboy down on his luck, Charley is pursued by a poor Spurn girl, Clarissa, wanting to be trained so she can exact vengeance against those who killed her family.  Even in desperate need of cash, he refuses to help, afraid to be associated with the poorer race, once enslaved a few years back and then emancipated.

But his escape from Chantyville is not easy.  A mangy dog won’t stop pestering him.  A domesticated lion stalks him.  A beautiful horse is attracted to him.  These creatures can‘t reduce his mounting losses.

He runs from town and tries to find his way to Aurium City while needing funds and distancing himself from his enemies.  But instead, a voodoo witch doctor, half human and half Spurn spells him.  Fighting away his destiny, he is forced onto a mountain near Clarissa.

Charley relents to help Clarissa but only to train her to use firearms.  He doesn’t want to have anything to do with her enemies, the Rotger Brothers.  Begrudgingly, he teaches her to shoot a seven shot revolver on Blackhead Mountain.  But there is something else bothering him, a lingering feeling…

But his path leads him in circles until he is faced with an inevitable choice.

This book is intended for adults only: it contains violence, language, and adult situations.

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Dragon Perched on the White House


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The animals of myth and extinction have returned to Earth.  The prophecies are coming to pass, from Revelations, to Nostradamus and Hopi.

The Earth is at war.  World War III has erupted.  Famine and disease is spreading.  The governments are strained.  Militaries are short on manpower.  Resources are dwindling.

But there is hope…

Colonel Poul Flagstaad and the Phoenix have returned to Earth.  The governments debrief them and separate the team.  As each one returns to their nations, they are immediately sent on other missions.  Immediately, they are conflicted, each one struggling with the need to follow duty or to make choices contrary to their orders that will save lives for the better.

The innocent, the poor and the displaced are stranded.  Some seek protection at the spiritual monuments of the world.  Beneath each monument are portals that can take them to the safety of Fifth World.  But there is only one group that can successfully open the portals.

Across the Atlantic, Vice Admiral Gunner leads a ragtag fleet led by Coast Guard and supplemented with military and civilian contractors.  Fighting through procedural problems and helicopter accidents, he must guide the Urda’s mothball fleet into the Mediterranean Sea.  Along the way, he saves many stranded civilians, collecting them under his protection.
He struggles to find a way to save the civilians while completing his mission.

Poul and his son Knud learn there are secret societies pushing them to secure portals that could reach Fifth World.  These societies are controlling the war for their own means.  The governments want the portals to manipulate the human race into one New World Order.
Poul needs to make a choice to follow his orders or defy them.  He witnesses the suffering of the people and wonders about the morality of denying them a new life in an untouched world, or subject Fifth World to be scavenged for its resources for the benefit of the governments and corporations.

Will the human race survive the Apocalypse?  Will the Phoenix rise from the ashes to enact good for the meek of the world, or will they follow orders and subject the people to their doom?

This book contains violence, adult situations and adult language.

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Family Pack: carpentry projects for the home


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Ronald is an accomplished master carpenter and designer. All of these projects have been constructed, designed and illustrated.

This instructional guide is for the family moving into a new home. Or an old home that needs some additions. Or maybe you have a growing family and need a few additions but want to do it yourself. The makings of all the things you will need for a growing family and a beautiful home. All in one package! It includes the instructions for a fort, doghouse, birdhouse, trellis and workbench.

They are in this order:

1: The Simplest Fort
2: Dog House
3: Trellis
4: Workbench
5: Birdhouse

This pack includes the instructions for a 6x6x10 fort, 4×8 trellis, 4x4x5 doghouse, 1’6” birdhouse and 32”x6’0” workbench. Easy to follow instructions and drawings.

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Under the Graves: trailer


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In a world ravaged by wars and lacking government authority, the future is a high-tech and dangerous world; criminals and innocent bystanders co-mingle. Robin Luddites become crime bosses that navigate through the corruption to restore balance against the corporations. Humans have evolved with animal attributes in order to survive the radioactive, toxic environment.

New Orleans is a Venice of water and radioactive sludge, but the inhabitants of the drowning city survive with defiant determination. Detective Graves is a folk hero to the people, a Robin Luddite who contracts jobs to dismantle the corporate powers from wielding too much power over the Breeds. His latest contract has Darius Jones secretly guarding a musician named Rose. Slowly, Darius is enchanted by her music. The contract becomes an excuse to watch her.

But something else has Darius Jones vexed; a murdered prostitute and her john proves there is something strange about the relationship between Deotronics and Gratia San Antonia. Although a retired Robin Luddite, Darius Jones begins investigating the power fluctuations from these giant corporations. He assembles a team to discover the answers to these mysteries and calls in the experienced skills of his sister and Gus Sips from Miami to assist infiltrating the elusive Deotronics.

Soon, the mystery leads back to his unrequited love interest, Rose. Her innocence proves more than naïve for the seasoned Robin Luddite. He interferes with the Breeds’ free power and annoys their folk hero. Darius stands alone in an ugly world but he is compelled to chase his ghosts that haunt him.

Contains adult situations, language and violence. Mystery, thriller, Science Fiction

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Chapter 1 and 2 of Amongst the Shadows


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Chapter 1

Chapter 2



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After the Earth was ravaged by wars, the governments collapsed and the corporations thrived. Humanity evolved with animals, converging human and animal DNA together making the breeds. Robin Luddites become crime bosses that hire contracts to balance out the corrupt corporations.

In a world where everyone is either a criminal or a victim.

Darius Jones returns to Dallas to investigate the deaths of his brothers. After Darius’ supposed death; hiding for over ten years, he has to navigate through corporate corruption to find the killers. He assembles an unlikely crew to achieve his goals and runs into trouble every step he takes. The mystery reveals secrets to his own past that brought him to his current fate.

Gus Sips is a naive Loader, looking for someone to hire him for criminal jobs.

Wimpy is an old-school grunt; an arrogant mercenary who lives and breaths the chaotic gun-toting, blood soaked streets of the dying cities.

Dr. Steiner is a quirky Tech Farmer, with little business and poorly run staff.

Magis Dern is a loud mouthed tool with little ambition but varied experience.

Tu Fasse is a slick, clever woman; an escort on the side and a ruthless contract during the day.

With this team of misfits, it seems doubtful that Darius will come out of it alive but he has to try… because Gerrick was family.

This contains adult material, sex, violence, language and adult situations.

Two Tier Fort: carpentry instructions


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This fort was specifically designed in a certain manner. The picture on the front cover is the actual fort that was designed for this plan. Some modifications were made to simplify this plan for the novice.

These instructions are a guide to build a 4×4:4×6 two tier fort that is roughly ten feet tall. It has a ladder leading into a four by eight foot housing area. The housing area is four feet from the ground and the roof is four to six feet from the deck.

I would like to point out that the instructional drawings (illustrations) are not to scale. They are renditions to help visually explain certain details, not to be taken as scale models. They are approximate shapes and patterns.

I would recommend reading the entire instructions before proceeding, thoroughly. There are options, choices and special notes that may be of interest to you.

Cost: The price for the materials to build this project would be dependent upon what material that you purchase. Some lumber is more expensive than others. However, the original structure was created with standard pine so the general cost would be around $500, which would include hardware.

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The Last Heir: epic sixth book


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Pavid is sent to Tyrines to discover why a surge in thefts targeting rubies and amber. But the famous animal investigator runs into problems between the criminals and a corrupt Derkboca government. He enlists the aid of his friend, Imagio to help in the task, the two friends become engrossed in another dangerous but ancient mystery.

Imagio has fallen in love, but his love interest does not reciprocate. His courage is light and his efforts are clumsy. Even with Imagio’s magical book of poems that can cast his artwork into real life is not enough to impress her. To Imagio’s embarrassment, Agritara joins their quest.

Imagio helps Pavid on his quest, and they realize that the enemy is searching for something specific. The Sister of Chaos has contracted thieves to find something powerful at the bottom of the Tree of Sorrow but only Pavid has the answer to retrieve the item.

Soon, Imagio and Pavid are chased out of the City with a magical item that only raises more questions than answers Invesia joins her husband, bringing along an assortment of beasts and pets to help in the mission. Fanillian, a watchful, protective predatory bird. Feathers, a defiant and cool headed cat. Sorsha, a lumbering beast. And Streesberry, a round spider, the size of a wagon.

Invesia even brings their daughter, Gerinda. This playful child lives in her own fantasy world, lost among their pets, daydreaming a different life while the horrors of battle surround her.

They discover a secret doorway and an ancient city as well as a secretive Thist whose motives are elusive. They must pass traps to reach a puzzle that will reveal the secret temple that holds a magical tool. But they are soon betrayed…

The mystery drives them northward, towards the city of Masto and to a beach of tombstones of ancient spell casters. The menagerie must face an army of Grotesques, squads of dead, Remtil the last Heir of Doren and son to the Sister of Chaos, and other horrors long lost and forgotten.

This book contains fantasy action.

Volume III of the Pavid Trilogy and #6 in the Kadic Series.

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Restoration of Atlantis


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A ragtag team of Special Forces chose to disobey orders and save the few refugees from the devastation. They used what knowledge they learned of the portals and helped the people to cross into Fifth World. Thousands were saved by the selfless acts of disobedient soldiers.

Colonel Flagstaad and Vice Admiral Gunner led the remaining survivors into the Bermuda Triangle. Gunner Mech opened the portal so they could enter, and then the Urda’s Well fleet pulled into Fifth World. The meek, the poor and the refugees from society’s corruption had arisen from the ashes, transported across space to inherit a new world.

End of the world prophecies came true, just not necessarily the way people expected.

Poul Flagstaad has returned to Fifth World, but this time, with his entire family.

Fifth World is a paradise for all people to partake in its bounty… but there is a problem. The last of Jenson’s followers still occupy the Avernus Temple. Their control of the portal has interfered with Gunner Mech’s and the Caretaker’s ability to bring over the last refugees from Earth. Thousands of people wait at the beach sands of Antarctica to be welcomed into the new paradise.

Once again, Colonel Flagstaad and his team are asked to assist in the problem, but they must ask the Samyra permission before entering the sacred temple. The Avernus Temple has been off limits to foreigners for many ages since the deities abandoned it.

The Phoenix rig a yacht to sail upstream. They rename it Yggdrasil. They must travel the foreign land, fight off mythical creatures and navigate around fantastic places. They are unevenly matched; their contemporary weapons are ineffectual to the magic of Fifth World.

Discover the answers to Fifth World, rediscover old mysteries and learn the answers to the human race’s cyclical history.

This book contains violence, adult situations and adult language.

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