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Tawrett Fames is determined to find Durakuss. He believes that the curse from Sabimn had transported his bodyguard to another realm known as Kralust. But there are risks. The Admiral Council already suspects that he and his crew are lying about their adventure on Sabimn so they must keep quiet about their discoveries. That isn’t easy, with a few missing comrades and questions lingering.

Tawrett is impeded by an Abuth warship and the murders of some crewmen. They are surrounded by enemies and terrors that they cannot fully perceive.

With a new bodyguard trailing him and some old acquaintances, Tawrett travels to Kralust without orders. But Kralust is filled with terrors and nightmares exiled from the TMB corporations many years before, the aftermath of horrors abandoned by terrible minds.

But there is an unexpected twist to his secret mission; he will discover the truth about his wife’s death and the false accusations against his friend, Ragilla. But those truths will shaken him to the core and force him on a path that he has feared walking.

Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/Mercenaries-Playing-Chess-inc-Book-ebook/dp/B01MTOGTU3

Dystopia, dystopian future, science fiction, sci fi, fantasy, end of the world, space opera, jax e garson, moral duality, subspace, other realms, distant worlds, alternate dimensions