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Pavid is sent to Tyrines to discover why a surge in thefts targeting rubies and amber. But the famous animal investigator runs into problems between the criminals and a corrupt Derkboca government. He enlists the aid of his friend, Imagio to help in the task, the two friends become engrossed in another dangerous but ancient mystery.

Imagio has fallen in love, but his love interest does not reciprocate. His courage is light and his efforts are clumsy. Even with Imagio’s magical book of poems that can cast his artwork into real life is not enough to impress her. To Imagio’s embarrassment, Agritara joins their quest.

Imagio helps Pavid on his quest, and they realize that the enemy is searching for something specific. The Sister of Chaos has contracted thieves to find something powerful at the bottom of the Tree of Sorrow but only Pavid has the answer to retrieve the item.

Soon, Imagio and Pavid are chased out of the City with a magical item that only raises more questions than answers Invesia joins her husband, bringing along an assortment of beasts and pets to help in the mission. Fanillian, a watchful, protective predatory bird. Feathers, a defiant and cool headed cat. Sorsha, a lumbering beast. And Streesberry, a round spider, the size of a wagon.

Invesia even brings their daughter, Gerinda. This playful child lives in her own fantasy world, lost among their pets, daydreaming a different life while the horrors of battle surround her.

They discover a secret doorway and an ancient city as well as a secretive Thist whose motives are elusive. They must pass traps to reach a puzzle that will reveal the secret temple that holds a magical tool. But they are soon betrayed…

The mystery drives them northward, towards the city of Masto and to a beach of tombstones of ancient spell casters. The menagerie must face an army of Grotesques, squads of dead, Remtil the last Heir of Doren and son to the Sister of Chaos, and other horrors long lost and forgotten.

This book contains fantasy action.

Volume III of the Pavid Trilogy and #6 in the Kadic Series.

Watch this short trailer: http://youtu.be/o2T4Z1NBxnc

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On paperback ($9.99): http://www.amazon.com/Last-Heir-Pavid-Trilogy-Kadic/dp/1505360943