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His only friend is dead. Garbazhio, the Elven Vampire, returns to Junkyard City after being betrayed. He searches the city for clues about the Wizard Raphuesh who had conned his friend to betray him. After the betrayal and death of his friend, he is determined to take his revenge on the Wizard.

In the middle of his focused vengeance, he becomes trapped in a circle of lies and hatred of the Vampire covens. The Vampires are being hunted by a police force of Ogres, controlled by an unknown benefactor. While chasing Vampires, someone is consolidating the covens power and using it to subvert normal people..

He befriends a fellow Vampire called Scruta. He is another refugee from the deserted Wizards Mall. He finds value in his knowledge as well as his skills in magic. He helps to fight away the armies that attack them.

They are trailed by a mischievous child, a pilfering, pick pocketing thief. The boy knows more about the lies around the city than anyone else. They are trapped between two opposing forces while keeping the boy from wandering into more trouble.

But Garbazhio finds another reason to keep tabs on the boy, his mother is a splendid beauty that he wishes to have a bite of. She eventually leads them to a final battle with the Wizard and the Vampire cults.

If you like dystopian fiction, post-apocalyptic thrill rides, Elves, Dwarves, magic; and of course Vampires, you must take a bite of this book.

This book is intended for adults only: it contains violence, blood, language, sex, nudity and very adult situations.

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