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Pavid is an animal Investigator who hates animals. Struggling to keep food in his belly and his house in stable order, he takes simple jobs of animal investigation because no one will hire him for the bigger ones. His recent client is a vile woman who wants him to investigate the loss of her Dry Pelican. The simple mystery leads him to Fire Breath, an eerie and dark creature that foresees his future in four images.

After questioning a female animal caretaker, Invesia intrudes into his investigation, despite his demands that she leave him alone. The persistent woman brings along her pets that are just as eager to pester him. Eventually, he discovers an affection for her that may be difficult for him to accept because of her love of animals.

His closest friend and poet, Imagio follows him on this daring quest. He shares in their naiveté of the outside world and stumbles through renovated towns, strange secret places and dark undergrounds.

The simple mystery turns dangerous and then evolves into something larger than himself. Unable to let go of his contract and stay within the familiar ground of Slinder, the investigation leads him into areas of the world that he has only heard about. He must face fears of monsters, Fire Breath and the bothersome intrusion of Invesia and her loyal pets.

Searching through poison groves, abandoned towns, a University, brandy shops and an ancient temple, Pavid must find the courage to stop the cultists from resurrecting immoral nobles before a selfish Cultist Lord releases a greater evil from that cursed magic.

Appropriate for young adult reading: no sex, no language, Fantasy action.

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Available on print ($9.99)