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Ka is the last hope for the world.

Ka and her faithful companion, Grodic, search for the last dark weapon; the only weapon that can defeat the Sister of Power. She must use a thief and a mysterious conjuror to aid in her quest and cross lands that are under siege of war. Along the way, she finds feelings for the thief that makes her uncomfortable as she struggles between her heart and her destiny.

With most of the magic destroyed, the kingdoms collapsed, cities ruined, and people suffering, the races must find a way to come together to fight a common foe. With the death of the Three Sisters and the Warlock, Oridee Dalfinito is the last Sister of Power determined to ruin the world. She is the only obstacle before the races can rebuild.

While Queen Fenarius explores the north for the lost Mastadonians, Grove must convince their infuriating rivals, the Learing to join them in the battlefield. With the loss of the Three Sisters, Grove is convinced that the moment to strike is now, especially with Ka on the hunt for the weapon that can destroy the Sister. An army marches towards the horrible terrors that Oridee Dalfinito can unleash, while hoping that Ka can bring the Dark Weapon to the front lines just in time to save them all.

The final battle is waged against the Sister of Power.

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Available on paperback($9.99): http://www.amazon.com/The-Last-Dark-Weapon-Trilogy/dp/1499248792