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There is no Place Like Hell

Captain Garbazhio and his crew of misfit Vampires reach Planet Hell. They have crossed paths with the most notorious of all enemies, The Devils. There is no one there to help them; no one there to save them.

As his losses mount, crew members fall from his side, one by one. Garbazhio must face the choices and sins of his past and find a way to overcome them. All of his old haunts return to challenge him. Enemies that he had killed are now there to exact revenge. Where else would they have gone?

He fights demented souls, ghouls, demons, the sons of devils, werewolves, nazis and many more…

His only hope is to reach New Junkyard City and evade his biggest enemy, Krud the android. Garbazhio believes that if he can reach the city that he can escape from Hell and his fate. There is just one problem…

Hell is a terror not for the faint of heart.

Will this be the end of the Vampires? Most likely.

Contains adult situations, language and violence

Vampiric fiction, science fiction, dystopia, dystopian fiction, sci fi, vampire, werewolf, ghosts, ghouls, hell, dark fantasy, dark science fiction, end times, apocalypse, epic battle, hades, spooks, spirit, souls, demented souls, demons, devil, Lucifer, satan, she devil, beelzebub