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In a world where everyone is either a criminal or a victim. Earth was ravaged by wars, chemicals and radiation. A green sludge borders every city, town and population. Governments have fallen but corporations thrived. The poor are subject to the greed of the few Elites.

In the first book, Darius Jones returns to Dallas to investigate the murder of his brothers. He discovers the secrets of his removal from Robin Luddite status and the enemy lurking underground.

After the baffling revelations behind the mystery of his betrayal, Darius returns to New Orleans, a Venice in the ravaged world. He enlists the help of Sonya and Gus Sips to resolve the mystery of a dead john and prostitute. It leads him to San Antonio, a power station providing electricity and more freely for all Breeds.

The disappearance of their friend and a kidnapped child leads Darius and Sonya to return to Dallas. They confront old enemies and with the aide of their new allies save their friends from certain slavery. The conflict opens up wounds from Darius’ past, a long lasting discord between family members. Old rivalries and new enemies lead the Jones family across the South in this epix three book anthology with three exciting short stories.

Contains adult situations, language, violence and sexual content.