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The Warlock enslaves, seizes and terrorizes the eastern lands at the urging of the Five Sisters. The Five Sisters have wreaked havoc across the world, leaving the scarred earth of the Eastern lands in the hands of their cruelest servant, the Warlock. The Warlock sends his army to enslave the fairy nymph race called the Naglings.

Where the sun rises from the south and the night is dotted with three moons, a young Nagling escapes her enslavers with the help of her people. Confused by her freedom and the outside world, she convinces herself to free her people. Along her journey, she acquires a great and loyal friend, a rock creature called Grodic. They become fast friends and share an innocent zeal for life and interest in the unique world.

On the journey, her presence invokes awe and hope from everyday citizens believing she is the sign that the end of the Warlock’s reign is close at hand. While being stalked by an enigmatic and dangerous spirit, Ka enlists the help from a wanderer, a conjuror, two thieves, and a mercenary. The thieves are driven to follow her because of their persistent greed, despite the horrors that she awakens. The mercenary pursues her out of his own cruel ambitions above that greed. The conjuror’s motives are ambiguous.

Usually isolated from other races, Ka learns the difference between “what is said, what is read, and what is true.” Behind the odd assortment of traveling companions, a tracker trails their course for a General who leads an army with a mind of it’s own. Ka’s ambition to save her people may change the course of the surrounding lands for all races in this alien world. But at what cost to herself and those around her?

A hope lingers that these are the end of Dry Days.

The first volume of the Fires Trilogy and the start of the Kadic Series.

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TREE OF SORROW: The second volume of the Fires Trilogy

The Three Sisters return to the east to re-conquer it. The loss of the Warlock and the advent of a stronger Eastern army has them troubled. Tree of Sorrow is a powerful symbol to the East and now it will be lost in the hands of the Three Sisters.

Queen Fenarius leads a mixed army of races to defend against the Three Sisters. With all their strengths, they are no match against the Sisters of Terror, Pain, and Death.

As the Blentiun army fights to maintain control over the Tree of Sorrow, the Pendle is causing Ka (the liberator of the East) immense pain. The magic weapon that helped destroy the Warlock is now useless in her hands and she must remove it before it kills her. Ka and Grodic seek out the Firthtins, hoping the power of such tree creatures can alleviate her of the mysterious weapon.

King Grove investigates the isolation of Parisonia. Many allies joined the Blentiun Kingdom in wake of the Warlock‘s fall, but now their alliance is fraying . His grasp on his kingdom is only skin deep but his loyal General is always there to prop him up. Between the oddly long and violent winter, the missing messages from Parisonia and the lack of news from his wife has King Grove concerned. He tries to present a hopeful outlook on the face in the midst of so much doubt, dread and dismal thinking.

The Three Sisters conjure a vile creature to stalk Ka. They know that Ka’s destiny interferes with the desires of the Sisters. Stalked by a monster, shunned by her people, burdened with pain, worshipped by believers and followed by a thief, Ka feels trapped between her hopes and her destiny, in the face of so many believers.

She now must make a choice to follow her destiny or abandon the races. Both choices leave her alone and abandoned.

Contains fantasy action

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Ka is the last hope for the world.

Ka and her faithful companion, Grodic, search for the last dark weapon; the only weapon that can defeat the Sister of Power. She must use a thief and a mysterious conjuror to aid in her quest and cross lands that are under siege of war. Along the way, she finds feelings for the thief that makes her uncomfortable as she struggles between her heart and her destiny.

With most of the magic destroyed, the kingdoms collapsed, cities ruined, and people suffering, the races must find a way to come together to fight a common foe. With the death of the Three Sisters and the Warlock, Oridee Dalfinito is the last Sister of Power determined to ruin the world. She is the only obstacle before the races can rebuild.

While Queen Fenarius explores the north for the lost Mastadonians, Grove must convince their infuriating rivals, the Learing to join them in the battlefield. With the loss of the Three Sisters, Grove is convinced that the moment to strike is now, especially with Ka on the hunt for the weapon that can destroy the Sister. An army marches towards the horrible terrors that Oridee Dalfinito can unleash, while hoping that Ka can bring the Dark Weapon to the front lines just in time to save them all.

The final battle is waged against the Sister of Power.

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Pavid is an animal Investigator who hates animals. Struggling to keep food in his belly and his house in stable order, he takes simple jobs of animal investigation because no one will hire him for the bigger ones. His recent client is a vile woman who wants him to investigate the loss of her Dry Pelican. The simple mystery leads him to Fire Breath, an eerie and dark creature that foresees his future in four images.

After questioning a female animal caretaker, Invesia intrudes into his investigation, despite his demands that she leave him alone. The persistent woman brings along her pets that are just as eager to pester him. Eventually, he discovers an affection for her that may be difficult for him to accept because of her love of animals.

His closest friend and poet, Imagio follows him on this daring quest. He shares in their naiveté of the outside world and stumbles through renovated towns, strange secret places and dark undergrounds.

The simple mystery turns dangerous and then evolves into something larger than himself. Unable to let go of his contract and stay within the familiar ground of Slinder, the investigation leads him into areas of the world that he has only heard about. He must face fears of monsters, Fire Breath and the bothersome intrusion of Invesia and her loyal pets.

Searching through poison groves, abandoned towns, a University, brandy shops and an ancient temple, Pavid must find the courage to stop the cultists from resurrecting immoral nobles before a selfish Cultist Lord releases a greater evil from that cursed magic.

Appropriate for young adult reading: no sex, no language, Fantasy action.

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Wizard Cemetery

Their daughter has been kidnapped by Fire Breath.

Invesia’s compassion for animals and Pavid’s ability to solve mysteries has given the husband and wife team some small popularity. Between mysteries, classes and coddling animals, the two of them spend little time together and more time apart. With the abduction of Gerinda, the two of them will come together to save their daughter with the assistance of their loyal pets.

A trail of maimed and dead animals leads Pavid to the Tower Prophecy in the small town of Estillianes. On the quest, they seek out an old man who mysteriously wanders from the southeast, they are chased by grotesque monsters whose motives are hostile but unknown, and they are stalked by a chirping creature. An old and ancient mystery awaits their discovery, pushing them farther than they wish to go.

The Dead can walk.

The Dead are a strange horror. Living corpses wander freely throughout the East, laboring to menial chores. No one knows why they have surfaced. Natives are frightened. Rumors spread about the returning of curses. Whispers of a forgotten enemy hiss from lips to ears.

The Sister of Chaos has returned. She wants what Pavid is searching for and she will destroy anything to get at it.

Volume 2 in the Pavid Trilogy, #5 in the Kadic Series.

Appropriate for young adults: no sex, no language, Fantasy action.

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The Last Heir

Imagio has fallen in love, but his love interest does not reciprocate. His courage is light and his efforts are clumsy. Agritara is the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and she wants nothing to do with him. On the way to Tyrines, he sees her once again and attempts to woo her. Imagio has a book of poems that can cast his artwork into real life but this is not enough to impress her.

Sulking in his failure, Imagio helps his friend, Pavid discover the mystery of the thefts in the City of Tyrines. Amber and rubies are being stolen. Pavid realized that the enemy is searching for something specific. A magical item has been lost at the bottom of the Tree of Sorrow for many years. The Sister of Chaos has contracted thieves to find it but only Pavid has the answer to retrieve the item. He is helped with his loyal Anvil Dog, Onery; and his long time, best friend Imagio.

Invesia joins her husband, bringing along an assortment of beasts and pets to help in the mission. Fanillian, a watchful, protective predatory bird. Feathers, a defiant and cool headed cat. Sorsha, a lumbering beast. And Streesberry, a Round Spider, the size of a wagon.

She even brings their daughter, Gerinda. This playful child lives in her own fantasy world, lost among their pets, daydreaming a different life while the horrors of battle surround her.

To Imagio’s embarrassment, Agritara joins them as well. Fascinated by the mystery and the ancient stories that she thought were false, she helps as a translator of ancient Nagling.

Fire Breath shows them a secret doorway leading into an ancient, underground city. They must pass traps to reach an ancient puzzle that will reveal the secret Temple that holds a desirable magical tool. They discover a mysterious Thist, a prisoner of the Grotesques. He joins them as collector and novice explorer. His intentions are mysterious and Pavid is suspicious of him.

The mystery drives them northward, towards the city of Masto but they are confronted by Grotesques. The vile creatures are terrorizing people entering the Northern Mountains. To make matters worse, their daughter is kidnapped by Remtil, the corrupted son of Sister of Chaos. With the help of Mastadonians they reach a secret base of warring vessels and an ancient burial site that is the key to a great magical item that Remtil and Chaos wishes to collect for their own evil purposes.

Together the races and pets will confront corrupt nobilities, greedy thieves, Grotesques and their evil masters.

This book contains fantasy action.

Volume III of the Pavid Trilogy and #6 in the Kadic Series.

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