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This fort’s overall size is 11×16.  The tallest point is over 11’0” tall.  This instructional document is to help the novice or semi-experienced carpenter to create their own fort for their children or even pets.

The rampart area is four feet from the ground and the tower is six feet from the ground.  It has a double door entrance, two ladders, two tower areas (one open and the other closed) and a lookout hideaway.  There is an optional sandbox below the tallest tower.

I would like to point out that the instructional drawings are not to scale.  They are renditions to help visually explain certain details, not to be taken as scale models.  They are approximate shapes and patterns but very easy to follow.

I would recommend thoroughly reading the entire instructions before proceeding with construction.  There are options, choices and special notes that may be of interest to you.

Cost:  The price for the materials to build this project would be dependent upon what material that you purchase.  Some lumber is more expensive than others.  However, the original structure was designed with standard pine so the general cost would be around $1000, that would include hardware


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