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Follow the story of Navajo Elder Peta Ptaysanwee as he discovers the truth about Mech and the Blue Star space station.  His past and future are molded like the copper bowl that he uses to tune the portals.  Learn the history and events leading up to the end of the world and the beginning of the new one.

The Blue Star Assembly forms and follow the Blue Dragons as they help save refugees and the displaced escape into Fifth World.  The Miguels guide the people into Machu Picchu and save them from Jenson’s thugs before rendezvousing with the Elder at the Yucatan peninsula.

The Trail ends with Elder Peta Ptaysanwee rescuing the large mass of refugees by allowing them to enter the Antarctica Temple.

The Elder’s weapons are his patience, bowl, a tuning fork, animals and his understanding of the prophecies that are meant to guide the innocent, poor and meek into their future home of Fifth World.

Start from the beginning and end at the beginning.


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